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Ultimo aggiornamento August 18, 2021
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Suggerimenti, bug e idee per il futuro.

  • Version 0.8.5 August 18, 2021


    The Flight Simulator 2020 turns one year old.

    - As a present to the community this bug fix release contains a new KML import plugin which allows to import flight data from, in order to visualise real-world flights

    This release also fixes the following issues:

    - The dates in the logbook are now properly formated ("localisation"); they are now properly sorted, too
    - The dates in the "date selection widget" are now properly resized according to their content (month names)

  • Version 0.8.4 August 04, 2021

    This release fixes the following issues:

    - The initial velocity when recording a new formation aircraft is now properly set
    - Export
    * Illegal file path characters are replaced by _ in the initially suggested file path
    * KML export: exported character data (title, description) is properly enclosed in a CDATA tag
    - Properly update AI aircrafts when deleting the user aircraft during replay

  • Version 0.8.3 July 31, 2021

    * The main window is now made a "parent" of the KML export dialog, making sure that the export dialog is always centered and on top of the main window
    - Especially when the "Stay on Top" option is enabled for the main window
    * The initial velocity in "fly with formation" replay mode is now properly set

  • Version 0.8.2 July 29, 2021

    This release fixes the following issues:

    * The aircraft is not immediately "teleported" anymore to 0.0/0.0 (lat/lon) when initial recording of the first aircraft is started in the Formation module

  • Version 0.8.1 July 29, 2021

    This release fixes the following issues:

    * Creating new logbooks works again
    - an attempt was made to create a backup before migration of a non-existing database

  • Version 0.8.0 July 28, 2021

    This release features a new plugin architecture and new formation flight features.

    Plugin architecture

    - The CSV import plugin now allows to add the imported data to an existing flight ("multiplayer formation flying")
    * The imported data can be assigned to an existing aircraft type (e.g. "DR400 Asobo")
    * New logbooks already come with an initial set of aircraft types, new types are being added as they are recorded
    - A new KML export plugin exports the flights as Keyhole Markup Language (e.g. viewable with Google Earth)
    * Basic styling options
    - The connection to the actual flight simulator is now also plugin-based
    * Currently only one plugin for FS 2020
    * Connection switchable at runtime via File | Settings... | Flight Simulator

    New module features

    - Logbook: flights can now be filtered in the logbook by
    * Recording date/time
    * Minimum duration
    * Engine type (jet, piston, turboprop, ...)
    * Formation (multiple aircrafts per flight)
    * Text search (aircraft, title, departure, arrival)
    - Formation: a new "Fly with Formation" replay mode has been added which allows to immediatelly join the recorded formation with the currently loaded user aircraft
    * The user aircraft can be repositioned during "Pause"
    - A time offset can now be added to each aircraft in the formation, allowing to synchronise "multiplayer formation flights" (which have been recorded on different computers and imported with the CSV import plugin, also see above)


    - Engine start/shutdown is now better supported, by detection engine "combustion" (new simulation variable) and sending an "Engine Start" and "Engine Shutdown" event accordingly
    * Note that this does not accurately replay the actual engine startup/shutdown process, but it should more reliably start (shutdown) the aircraft, also when seeking in the timeline
    * It is the equivalent to pressing "CTRL + E" in FS 2020
    - New simulation variable: "Smoke"


    - Automated logbook backup schedule, settable in File | Logbook Settings...
    - Usability improvements: the shortcut keys F, V and S now close the corresponding Flight, Simulation Variables and Statistics dialogs when pressed again
    - Sky Dolly logbooks (*.sdlog) files can now be associated with SkyDolly.exe: the application which launch and open the double-clicked logbook
    * This is a manual step for now (no installer yet): right-click on any given *.sdlog file and choose "Open with..."
    - The Replay Speed group box can be hidden, for a truly minimal UI experience (press M)

    And finally...

    - A new application logo! Community, meet Sky Dolly! Sky Dolly, meet community :)

Domande frequenti

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How do I install Sky Dolly?

The preview versions are provided in a simple ZIP archive for the time being. Simply unzip the archive in a folder of your choice and run the executable SkyDolly.exe.

You may want to create a "desktop shortcut": simply right-click on SkyDolly.exe and choose "Create shortcut". Move the shortcut onto your desktop and/or to the Windows start menu.

How do I replay a recorded flight?

Load the Flight

Sky Dolly automatically stores all recorded flights in the logbook (an SQLite database):

* Select a flight by left-clicking on a row in the logbook table

* Click the "Load" button

* Alternatively double-click on a row (except on the Title column which starts editing the Title of the flight)

The flight is now loaded into memory and is ready for replay.


In order for Sky Dolly to be able to send ("replay") the recorded "simulation variables" to Flight Simulator 2020 a flight must be already present.

In Flight Simulator 2020

In order to create a new flight in Flight Simulator 2020 follow the usual steps to start a new flight:

* Choose any location on the world map as either departure or arrival (*)

* Choose an aircraft, preferrably the same as with which the original flight has been recorded (**)

* Click the FLY button

* Optional: choose the desired time of day and wheather

(*) The selected location does not matter: the aircraft will be "teleported" to the proper location upon replay

(**) It is technically possibly to replay the flight with any aircraft. Note though that the exact same flight path will be taken (and wheels may seem to be "stuck" in or "float" above the runway, depending on the original aircraft height). So if you record a flight with a Cessna and replay it with an A320neo the flight will be... interesting ;)

The original aircraft with which the flight was recorded is shown in the logbook table as well in the "Flight" (press key F) dialog, under "Aircraft". That "Flight" dialog also shows the initial weather conditions, for information purposes (only).

In Sky Dolly

Now the previously loaded flight can be replayed with Sky Dolly:

* By clicking the "Play" button in Sky Dolly

* Alternatively hit the spacebar or P key

* Hitting the same key again stops the replay

* The key ESC also stops the replay (just as it also stops the recording)

If you want to load another flight simply follow the inital steps above. No need to restart the existing flight in Flight Simulator 2020. Note though that when changing location it may take a while for Flight Simulator to download / update the new terrain data. Graphical glitches are to be expected in this case.

My aircraft crashes during replay - why?

Most aircrafts do not like it when they suddenly drop from 20'000 feet altitude right onto the runway upon time slider changes ;)

So it is highly recommended to disable crash, stress & engine damage in Flight Simulator 2020 prior to replay. This is because forces acting on the aircraft are still simulated during replay - and especially also during replay position seeking with the time slider.

So disable the following options in Flight Simulator 2020:

  • Assistance Options / Failure And Damage / Crash Damage -> Disabled
  • Assistance Options / Failure And Damage / Aircraft Stress Damage -> Disabled
  • Assistance Options / Failure And Damage / Engine Stress Damage -> Disabled


What are those "simulation variables"?


Sky Dolly - like most other third party applications - communicates with Flight Simulator via the official SimConnect application programming interface (API).

That API gives access to the aircraft state in the form of so-called "simulation variables". Examples of such variables are:

* Latitude / longitude / altitude

* Aircraft attitude (bank, pitch, heading)

* Gear / flaps up/down

A complete (long!) list of simulaton variables is available in the official developer documentation:

Supported Simulation Variables

In order to keep the required storage space at a minimum and improve performance by minimising the size of the request message sent to Flight Simulator during replay Sky Dolly primarily focuses on variables having the greatest "visual impact". So if a given lever or button activates a visible surface (flaps, ailerons, but also canopy or a landing hook) an attempt to record that variable is made.

Optimised Messages

During replay the previously recorded simulation variables are sent for each "simulated frame" event. In order to optimise performance (fewer messages = less CPU usage) and especially also storage requirements only those variables which have actually changed are recorded and requested during replay.

This is illustrated in the "Simulation Variables" dialog in Sky Dolly (press key V):

* The tabs represent the "simulation variable groups"

* "Inactive" variables - where the value did not change during a certain amount of time - are rendered as disabled text, indicating that they are currently not sent to Flight Simulator 2020 during replay

Note that Sky Dolly applies a clever "seek & search" algorithm which makes sure that all previously set variables are still applied, regardless of when their value has changed last and regardless of the new timeline position which has just been set. Clever :)

Known Limitations

Not all simulation variables are actually "writeable", that is, external applications such as Sky Dolly cannot modify them. Which is a precondition in order to "replay" a given variable.

In addition, not all aircrafts honour those simulation variables. That is specifically true for third party aircrafts. This is because some aircrafts use their own set of (local) variables (for various reasons).

Other aircrafts do react to simulation variable changes, but have their own local variable which "counter-acts" against the simulation variable. As Sky Dolly goes a step further - again in order to save on storage space and optimise performance - and only sends variables if their value actually changes such "counter-action" is a problem, as it "nullifies" the effect of the previously set value.

One such example is the "canopy" which either is always closed or opened again, depending on some switch in the cockpit of the given aircraft. In order to override that switch (in effect the corresponding local variable) Sky Dolly offers a "Repeat Values" setting (under File / Settings...), which - if enabled - always send the simulation variable, also if its value does not change.

A320neo (A32NX) by "FlyByWire" (FBW)

Unfortunately one notable example of a 3rd party aircraft which ignores (or "acts weird upon") the official simulation variables is the A320neo (now renamed to A32NX) by "FlyByWire" (FBW), specifically the development version (at the time of this writing). The current 0.6 stable version should still work fine, but the current development version is implementing more and more "custom systems" which do not react upon (or even properly report) the simulation variables, as own internal "local variables" are used to model the various aircraft systems.

Unfortunately that development is "out  of reach" for Sky Dolly, and one shall see whether support for the official "simulation variables" will be (re-)added in future "stable" versions of the A32NX.

Which recording frequency ("sample rate") should I use?

Recording Frequency

Sky Dolly offers the possibility to select the desired recording frequency, or sample rate:

* File / Settings...

* Open the Recording tab

* Set the desired Record Frequency (default: "Auto")

The default setting "Auto" will automatically adjust the recording frequency to the "simulated frame" events, as reported by Flight Simulator 2020. Or in other words: the aircraft state (-> "simulation variables") is sampled every simulated frame.

So why offer the possibility of recording at rates as low as 1 Hz ("one sample per second")? Because the more samples are taken, the more work Flight Simulator 2020 needs to do (to gather the values and send the response messages via the SimConnect adapter to Sky Dolly) and the bigger the storage requirements get.


In any case Sky Dolly always interpolates between the recorded "sample points" with what is known as "cubic spline interpolation" (e.g. refer to as  a good starting point). "Interpolation" basically makes "educated guesses" about values between "known values" ("samples").

However it is intuitively clear that the less data we sample, the less "details" we can capture. When it comes to flying "less details" mostly affects the accuracy of the recorded flight maneuvres: if we only sample at 1 Hz a barrel roll with an (exagerated) roll rate of, say, 2 Hz (two rotations per second!) cannot possibly recorded in an accurate manner!

On the other and airlines which "mostly fly straight lines" and "slow roation movements" may be perfectly captured with a sample rate of 1 Hz only!

The following video illustrates the usage of three different recording rates and compares the results with the original captured video:


* When in doubt, use the "Auto" setting: this gives the best accuracy in any case (at the expense of required storage space - CPU usage is only marginally affected)

* When "long flights with airliners" are to be recorded lower the recording rate accordinly - even 1 Hz results in good results

* Note that you can dynamically change the recording rate while recording!


How do I manually fly with a formation?

The "Formation" module in Sky Dolly allows you to manually take control of the aircraft and join the formation.

Since Sky Dolly v0.8 there are two "formation replay modes" available, namely:

  • Take control of recorded user aircraft
  • Fly with formation

Both replay modes essentially allow you to manually fly together with the recorded aircraft(s) - the formation. The difference: in the first mode you take control of an already recorded aircraft (the one currently selected as "user aircraft"), whereas in the second "Fly with formation" mode you fly along with your currently "active" (loaded) aircraft. This means that you can also join a "single aircraft" formation (the "Take control" mode on the other hand requires at least two recorded aircrafts - otherwise you'll simply fly alone again).

This is how it works in detail:

Take Control of Recorded User Aircraft

  • Load an existing flight (at least two aircrafts)
  • Switch to the Formation module (press F2)
  • Select the "Take control of recorded user aircraft" replay mode (combobox bottom right)
  • Select the desired aircraft, by marking it as "User Aircraft" (double-click on the table row, or select the row and press the "Set User Aircraft" button)
  • Press "Play" (key P)

You are now in control of the previously recorded user aircraft.

Note that in this repaly mode you can switch the current "user aircraft" (the "active" aircraft being followed by the camera and being flown with the currently loaded aircraft) at any time, also during replay:

  • Select the aircraft in the table
  • Press the "Set user Aircraft" button
  • Alternatively simply double-click on the aircraft row in the table

Fly with Formation

  • Load an existing flight (at least two aircrafts)
  • Switch to the Formation module (press F2)
  • Select the "Fly with formation" replay mode (combobox bottom right)
  • Select the desired user aircraft you wish to fly next to, by marking it as "User Aircraft" (see above)
  • Select the desired starting position, by clicking on one of the aircraft icons in the "Bearing" group box
  • Choose the initial vertical / horizontal distance (which is measured in "multiples of wing spans" of the selected user aircraft
  • Press "Play" (key P)

In both modes you can press the "Pause" button (or key P), which also pauses (technically: "freezes") your own manually flown aircraft. In the "Fly with formation" replay mode you can also re-position your aircraft again while paused, by simply clicking on one of the aircraft icons in the "Bearing" group box again.

Returning to Normal Replay

If you get lost you can simply select the "Formation (normal)" replay mode. This will hand back full control to Sky Dolly, over all recorded aircrafts.

Sky Dolly v0.8 allows changing the tail number - but with no visible effect?

Yes, since Sky Dolly v0.8 the tail number of the recorded aircrafts can be changed in the Formation module (double-click with the left mouse button on the corresponding table cell to enable edit mode).

However it is correct that this does not yet have a visible impact on the currently loaded flight in FS 2020, for two reasons:

* The tail number of the user aircraft (the one being followed by the camera in FS 2020) does not get updated (unless the flight is restarted in FS 2020)

* "AI aircrafts" (in formation flights) show a white empty box instead of the tail number (that is a bug in FS 2020)

But I still decided to make the tail number editable in Sky Dolly, because it may actually work better with future releases of FS 2020.

My aircraft recorded with v0.7 (or earlier) randomly shuts down its engine with v0.8?

Why does the engine shut down?

Sky Dolly v0.8 introduced improved "is the engine running" detection and better "autostart/shutdown" support based on a new "combustion" simulation variable which is now being recorded.

For existing flights recorded with Sky Dolly v0.7 and before this simulation variable is initialised ("migrated") on a "best effort guesstimate", as follows:

  • If the thrust lever is > 0, then the combustion is initialised with 1 ("engine running")
  • If the thrust lever is "fully pulled back" (= 0) then the combustion is initialised with 0 ("engine shutdown")

Of course that implies that the engine - again, for flights recorded with v0.7 and earlier only - is now shutdown whenever the thrust levers are fully pulled back. And started again when the thrust levers are pushed forward again.

For flights recorded with Sky Dolly v0.8 the actual "combustion" value as reported by the flight simulator is recorded.

Note that all engines are started at the same time - including for flights recorded with Sky Dolly v0.8 - as soon as one engine combusts: this is because an "engine autostart" event is sent to flight simulator, which is the equivalent to "CTRL + E".

So while this does not allow a faithful replay of the actual engine startup process (specifically when multiple engines are involved) it should more reliable detect when at least one engine is running. This also works when seeking back and forth in the timeline, so "flying aircrafts with dead engines" should now be a thing of the past.

Can I re-enable my engines such that they run constantly during the entire flight?

Yes, but this requires some manual steps which involve "diving into the database" (logbook), using a database browser such as:

  • In Sky Dolly it is recommended to first create a backup of your logbook
    • File | Logbook Settings..., choose "Next time, when exiting Sky Dolly"
  • Close Sky Dolly
    • To execute the backup
    • Also in order such that no other transaction is running on the same database while we are modifying the data in the subsequent steps
  • Launch DB Browser for SQLite
  • Open the logbook
    • Set the file filter to "All files"
    • Logbook location, see Files | Logbook Settings... in Sky Dolly
    • Default location: "c:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\Sky Dolly\Sky Dolly.sdlog"
      • Your backups will by default be in a "Backups" subfolder in that same location
  • In the "Execute SQL" tab copy and paste the following update statement:
    • This will update the "combustion" value of all four engines to 1 ("combusted" = "running") ...
    • ... for the flight given by :id (this placeholder is to be replaced with an actual flight ID, see below)
update engine
set general_engine_combustion1 = 1,
    general_engine_combustion2 = 1,
    general_engine_combustion3 = 1,
    general_engine_combustion4 = 1
where aircraft_id in
 from aircraft a
 join flight f
 on a.flight_id =
 where = :id
  • IMPORTANT: Before you execute this update statement replace the :id (including the colon) with the actual flight ID, e.g. 73
    • The flight IDs are shown in Sky Dolly, in the column "Flight" of the logbook
  • In order to persist the updated data click the "Write changes" button (top-most toolbar)
    • Or execute a commit;

That is it, the engines should now be constantly running for flight 73.


Questi utenti hanno donato a Steeler per continuare a fargli fare fantastici add-on di cui tutti possono godere.


These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

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219 Commenti

Hello Steeler, I downloaded your tool and made a recording. Everything is going great so far. But is there a possibility that when the aircraft takes off, the engines start up in replay. I mean the plane starts and the engines are still idle 😀

I would like to say "thank you!" to the person (or organisation) that made a donation which exceeds a couple of cups of coffee by far! Thank you so much!

I'd like to emphasise that I consider Sky Dolly my "personal project" to "defrost" some of my C++ (programming language) skills, and simply because I enjoy using it myself. And I'd like to share it with the community. I am trying to say here that I am not trying to make a living based on this tool.

So donations - every donation! - is very much appreciated, as it tells me that people really do appreciate the tool and its usefulness. So it is "more than just money" for me (sorry, I am lacking the right words here 😉) Of course I am likewise happy about every comment - including constructive critique and especially feature requests - as it shows me that people are actually using my tool 😊

Again, thank you so much!

I would like to request a feature that would make an already great tool even better: Sky Dolly should be able to automatically start and stop recording based on sim events so that you do not have to touch the GUI at all for recording. Having Sky Dolly running in the background would be enough to automatically record flights.

The events that would start/stop a recording should be configurable in the settings. Some suggestions for such events:

  • Start: Parking break released, Engine started, Aircraft starts moving, Aircraft left the ground, Lights turned on, Loaded into a flight
  • Stop: Parking break set, Engine stopped, Aircraft stops moving after touchdown, Aircraft touched the ground, Lights turned off, Exit to main menu (i.e. coordinates suddenly change to near 0,0)

In the main GUI there should be some form of toggle to enable/disable automatic recording as needed, e.g. a checkbox or menu entry.

Great App however the landing gear in the fly-by-wire A32NX retracted on takeoff but did not extend during landing. The APU was also shut off before the 2nd engine had fully started. (I think I can fix the APU issue by leaving it on for longer after the engines have started while recording.)


Please don´t kill me, but i don´t understand yet, what this tool does.

Can i record my flights and refly the same route, seeing my previous flight? Like "flying againsy my own ghost", trying to catch him?

I would like to have something for training racing routes, flying against my previous sessions, trying to get better and better. Is this possible with your tool? Or am i totally confusing things?

Is there mybe some video somewhere, where we can see your tool "om action" to get a better idea how it works, too?



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

I thought this app was amazing and now this: "KML import plugin which allows to import flight data from" This app just keeps getting better! thank you so much! Thank you Thank you!



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

WOW! This is incredible. I have used other flight recorders but this is really a step up. The possibility of formation flight is a complete blast even if there is some jitter and some dropouts of the previously recorded aircraft. It's great for practice and good old tail-chasing fun. Thanks for this great tool!


Today a year ago the Flight Simulator 2020 was released - happy birthday!

As a present also for the community the latest bug fix release v0.8.5 also provides - exceptionally - a new feature: a KML import plugin which allows to import real-world flight tracks from

A quick introduction how to export the KML from FlightAware is also available here:

I hope you enjoy visualising real-world air traffic - and why not "join" the flight with your own aircraft ("formation flying")? 😊



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

Thank You for this great tool.

Today I test it and I found very usefully.

Only a question: I recorded a short flight with Justflight PA28 and during this flight I do a looping without problems; after that I go back to the airport and landed correctly.

Viewing the recorded flight during the looping the plane crashes (not the sim) for excessive stress; could be this discordance from live to recorded ?

It is possible to understand this strange behaviour ?

Thank You

Does Sky Dolly record fuel states? I'm considering using this tool for CTD flight recovery.



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

Hi there!

Thanks so much for making this app. It's absolutely fantastic!

It works very well with the stable version of the FBW A20NX Stable version and all other airplanes. However it doesn't work properly with FBW A20NX Dev version. Is there a work around or do you intend to make it compatible with the FBW A20NX Dev version.

Thank you so much for Skydolly, phenomenal work!

hi i would like someone to help me i install this software but when i open it the error message "no valid connection plugin has been found in the plugin directory sky dolly will launch with reduced functionality" while i have never used it before please help me



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

Wonderful, polished app!

By the way, if arranging in date order, it does not do it correctly if the regional time is UK/AUS format. DD/MM/YYYY.

Good to see this app coming along and still working with SUD5. Disappointingly still no smooth close formation, - I'd hoped the new architecture from Asobo might have addressed that as well as the jumping aircraft on the ground. Great to see we can record more than 2 liveries of the same type now, that's nice! Here's a little video :

Jeez, this was (is) a rocky start for the current v0.8: just after having released a first "hot fix" (v0.8.1) this morning I noticed that starting the recording of the first aircraft in the Formation module would immediately send that aircraft to the North Pole!

(Starting the recording of the first aircraft in the Logbook module keeps working fine)

The just released "hot fix" v0.8.2 fixes this North Pole expedition issue.

The error got introduced with the new "Fly with Formation" feature which brought some code refactoring with it, related to how the "relative position to the user aircraft" is calculated.

Remember, the 2nd, 3rd, ... n-th recorded aircraft is initially placed relative to the currently selected "user aircraft - and a similar calculation is now also done for the "Fly with Formation" replay mode, where your currently "active" aircraft is also placed relative to the "reference" (aka "user") aircraft in the formation.

By the way, talking about the new "Fly with Formation" replay mode (accessible in the Formation module, at the bottom right): you can press "Pause", and while the repaly is paused (which now also "pauses" your own aircraft that you fly, also for the "Take control" replay mode, where you take control of the previously recorded user aircraft) you can re-position your aircraft, by clicking again on one of the aircraft symbols in the "Bearing" group box.

Note that while Sky Dolly makes an attempt to adjust the "initial speed" equal to the "reference" ("user") aircraft it is essentially still your "current power state" which dictates the speed with which you will continue to fly. So currently it is a bit hard to (re-)join a formation and keep the initial distance.

I am terribly sorry for this repeated update of Sky Dolly, but both issues required an immediate fix in my opinion. And of course I hope that those were the only "burning issues" for the foreseeable future.

In fact, this release is one of the biggest, also with many "non-visible changes" (new plugin architecture): the full changelog is available on, here:

Dear all,

Please everybody, if you have already downloaded the v0.8.0, please upgrade to the just released bug fix release v0.8.1, which fixes a regression which prevented to create new "logbooks" from scratch - especially a bad experience if you're new to Sky Dolly.

Now this is embarrasing! Not the fact that I was made aware of a bug (thank you so much, @Phil0671 - it was essentially your "How do I record" question that eventually led me to this bug!) and that I fixed it - but the nature of the bug is embarrasing!

For two reasons.

Reason number one, it was (would have been) so easy to detect that something fundamental as "create a new logbook" (File | New Logbook...) was broken. In fact, I immediatelly noticed it while writing the reply to @Phil0671.

Reason number two, it was litteraly a regression that I introduced the very last moment before the release! Yes, I absolutely wanted to test Sky Dolly against the latest FS 2020 simulation update 5 ("SU 5"), and so while I was impatiently waiting the date of the expected SU 5 release I thought: "Nah, let's just add this small, but very useful last feature" - namely "creating a backup of the existing database before migration to the new application format".

I mean, I am an experienced software engineer (professionally in an entirely different subject area than flight simulations though 😉), and I just know that "last minute changes are doomed - always!".

So while I got impatient in waiting for the SU 5 update to arrive I just did it: I added this "last minute" feature - "just a couple of lines of code - what could possibly go wrong!".

Well - everything! Especially when you are trying to retrieve the backup directory path from a not-yet-existing database ("logbook")! And yes, that was the bug: while I do query the "application version number" from the "logbook" since ever and properly handle the case when no "logbook" existed yet, in case of the "should I do a backup"-check I forgot to actually check the queried version number (which is a special "null" value in case the "logbook" does not exist yet").

That's the story - lessons learned? Don't get impatient while waiting for the next FS 2020 update - oh, I can't already wait for the next World Update, "Switzerland", here we come again! 😉

So please everybody, forget about the 0.8.0 version: 0.8.0 is dead - long live 0.8.1!



3 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da Steeler

Hello everyone.

I´m at the parking game running.

Beginner question. When i run the SkyDolly.exe, i have an error message (we could not find etc..)

Or the start the record, i only have to press R ?

What am i missing?


A tutorial would be nice. When I'm replaying a flight my engines keep gettin dual failure on A32nx and I can't dial my fmc for a flightplan. This kinda runes the whole video by just flying a silent plane without the engines or ILS.

Hi Steeler,

besides my last comment I found a few things that probably may help with "jitter".

It´s not only the planes that "jitter". When watching my last videos I could see that suddenly the stick movement starts to "jitter" too.

Here´s a vid from 04.03.2021. As you can see the stick has a smooth movement as it should be.

The second vid is from 07.05.2021 and the stick "jitters" especially at 6:31 and the second half. This is not my kind of flying. I´m not suffering on Parkinson and I don´t know what happened between this days, maybe an update.

I know it´s hard to see because the stick is not in focus, but I hope this helps.


As a replay app, it's an easy 5/5 - nice and simple to operate, very stable. The jitters on formation flying reduce the possibilities for cinematics, and it's a little annoying that I can't just hit play from my current aircraft to watch the recordings. I know you're aware of both and I hope you crack them.

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