Read readme.txt

-Is FSX conversion from freeware.
-Animations: All external (nose wheel steering is a bit funky and i think engine fan is not working), yoke, landing gear lever, throttle (rev levers dont work but reverse thrust works), rudder (is replaced with brake anim)
-Has a couple of liveries
-NO instruments. (textures were broken and it gave the instruments random af textures so i just removed them)
-Has the original shitty cockpit that is like 5 pixels or somthing.
-Physics were thrown out of the window (kind of)
-I dunno how to change the camera position (cockpit) so just find a good angle and press Ctrl+alt+(any number) and then to load the saved pos just click alt+(that number)
-All liveries look like shit
-Might have some problems with engines on start (pls start it on runway) just press Ctrl+E a couple of times to start it.

Original fsx file:

Thanks for FSXNOOB for making a Video