This is white Livery with a blue stripe for the Pilot Experience Sim "Maule M7-235" 

This Download comes with a red livery for all 3 versions of the Maule

  • small tires
  • Tundra tires
  • Floater

For a custom registration you would have to change and overwrite the following 2 files

MAULE_IMAT.PNG.DDS (for exteriour view)
PES_M7_DECALS02_ALBD.PNG.DDS (for interiour view)

Each version includes this files so it is actually possible to have for each version a individual registration.

To be able to change the registration simple editing skills are required and can be done in Photoshop, GIMP, or if you have non of this tools just go to for a free online editor. PSD Templates for the registration are included in this downlod and can be found in the main folder.

You can also find a small guide how to change the registration with the free web tool Photobea inside the main livery folder

According to the devs they will implement custom and easy changeable registration in one of the next updates.

Happy Mauling!