Distance:196 km.Duration:60 -120mn                ..
Difficulty: Medium                                                        ..


Departure: SPKI Kiteni
Arrival: SPZO Tnte Fap Alejandro Velazco Ast

Soaring Type: Ridge
 Weather report:
Few clouds
15 kts wind from SW 220°

Use the ridges north of the airport to gain altitude before the start.

Use and look to GPS to validate all crossing points (notification when done).
Watch your GPS and wait for the map to finish loading.
Then adjust the GPS on the SPKI tab .
Use your catapult to take off  or use your engine to take off.
Pass over the aerodrome to valid SPKI   

Make sure that you have validated the crossing point above the aerodrome.

4500 feet Maximum height to pass the POI1 start line.

Use the hill north of the airfield to gain altitude
Turn off your main battery after landing and wait to get the trip completed message.


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