This scenery for MSFS 2020 contains:

Power plants and heating plants: Dětmarovice, Třebovice, Dukovany, Malešice, Třeboradice, Spolana Neratovice, SYNTHOS Kralupy, Kladno, Mělník, Opatovice nad Labem, Chvaletice, Temelín, Ledvice, Prunéřov II, Tušimice, Komořany, Tisová, Vřesová a Počerady

: Střekov a Litoměřice

Mines: Bílina, Libouš a ČSA

Quarries: Praha-Zbraslav, Praha-Radotín, Praha Řeporyje, Klecany, Chýnice - mramorka, Holý Vrch, Velká amerika, Mexiko, Malá amerika, Bubovice, Mořina, Srbsko, staré Srbsko (lom na Chlumu), Čertovy schody (Koněprusy)

Chimneys, coolng towers, water towers and Mattoni billboards: all in all 470 objects

Solar power stations: approximately 1300 solar power stations fields (due to the limitations of the graphical engine, the solar panels show up at a very short distance; in case you do not want the solars to be depicted, delete Solary-scene.bgl and Solary-CVX0002.BGL from the scenery folder)

Check also a Google map which, we hope, will host other objects added to the MSFS 2020 at a later stage.

Copy content of the archive into Community folder.

This scenery contains ExcludeRectangle for chimneys and cooling towers. These ExcludeRectangles eliminate conflicts with similar objects originating from other sceneries. In order to work properly, it is important to make sure that in the Content.xml file (two levels above the Community folder) this scenery is lower than the confilicting scenery. In case the Content.xml is "messed up" and the exclude does not work, it is good to delete the Content.xml and let MSFS 2020 re-populate it. Then just repeat the procedure above.

Copyright / Disclaimer:
The authors of this package are not liable for any damage caused by the use of this package.
This package is free to use. It is however forbidden to distribute and / or use it (in its entirety or its parts) for commercial purposes without an agreement of the authors. Furthermore, it is not allowed to alter or use the objects in other sceneries without an agreement of the authors of the original objects.

Honza Štěpnička (Leguan), Milan Šmíd (just the solar power stations)
December 2020
version 1.0