In his book, Erich von Däniken describes the wonderous pictographs drawn on the plains of Nazca as proof we were visited in the past by ancient alien astronauts. Fly the route to discover for yourself the history of this interesting area of the world. You may be surprised by what you find. You do not need any other sceneries to enjoy the MSFS version of this scenic, barren part of our world. If you'd like aid in finding these pictograms, DROIDE has a wonderful package that puts markers on many of the pictographs. His package can be found here: But this package is NOT necesary to enjoy this little adventure. 

The flight, if flown without sight-seeing, takes only 25 minutes. However, you may want to spend time flying over the areas to see if you can discover the drawings and lines on your own. There are two (2) separate areas of lines and pictographs. While flying to these areas you will hear the history of the lines and the surrounding culture.

Enjoy this adventure, maybe you will even see an alien or two? You never know, maybe we all live in a simulation and the overseer will throw you a little hint. (Spoil alert: There are no aliens or UAP's (the replacement for UFO's) in this scenario. Just piquing your interest!

Enjoy your flight, and don't forget to set your parking brake to end your bushtrip!

W.F. Rayer