Hi all,

This is version 1.0 of the MSFS Bombardier Challenger 605 / 650. It is a conversion from my own X-plane 11 model to MSFS, just for fun and to see how much work it is to creat something for MSFS (answer; quite a lot, and doing this for the first time, quite frustrating at times when used to the other sim). The Challenger 605/650 is a great private/ corporate jet, capable of flying around 4000nm, cruising at mach .82, while still able to land at short 2400ft runways. Don't fly it like a b737 or a320; vref is much lower; around 117 kts at lower weights.

What to expect:
Don't expect a 100% perfect copy of the real plane. What I did model are those parts that are needed to have a nice virtual flight. The outside model has all the normal animations and lights. There is an actual Challenger 605 virtual cockpit, with all the buttons and screens in the right places. Not all buttons work, but the aircraft is very much usable for flights. The screens themselves are a copy from the CJ4 though. The passenger cabin, doors and windows have not been modelled yet. I may do an update at a later point to include those. Constructive suggestions on improvements, or questions are very much welcome. 

Some tips:
To start; on the overhead: APU on > Ignition on > Start L or R on, when N2 > 20% click the red lever down the L/R throttle 'Fuel valve on' and the engine should start
To shutdown; move the L/R lever on the throttle in the up position and the engine will stop
Parking brake is bottom left on the pedestal
To set the radio frequencies go to the CDU and click on TUN (next to the H)
When entering a flightplan/ dep/arr route, make sure to click validate and then exec (even though it does not light up)

To install, copy the contents of the zip into the community folder, aircraft should now appear in your hanger.

Liveries included in this package: JetNetherlands PH-HWM, Vistajet OE-INA, Netjets N207QS and REGA HB-JWC.

If you like and want to support my work; a coffee is much appreciated: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/robertsv

I hope you enjoy, stay safe, happy flying!

Best regards,