Build your own head and eye tracking-enabled PC solutions.

Watch an example of Eyeware Beam in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Develop head and eye-tracking-enabled PC games, mods, and controllers. Transform an iOS device into an eye and head tracking peripheral for a Windows PC to connect to your own app. Access head and eye tracking data in real-time for the app you're building. Potential use cases for eye and head tracking enabled software are limitless and benefit gaming devices, simulators, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), biometric devices, and more.

Eyeware Beam SDK is the free development kit for Beam that enables you to build and distribute your own eye tracking-enabled PC apps. Beam SDK allows you to use Beam as a general-purpose eye tracker. The SDK offers APIs for C++ and Python.

Beam SDK documentation contents

This guide describes Beam SDK, a development kit that enables you to add eye tracking capabilities to your applications.


How does the technology work?

We invented proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology that generates a robust eye tracking signal and accurate 6DOF head pose in 3D space comparable to premium TrackIR or Tobii tracking devices. As a result, Eyeware Beam turns your Face ID-supported iPhone or iPad, with a built-in TrueDepth camera, into a reliable, precise, multi-purpose head and eye tracking device. 

They can turn an iPhone or iPad into an eye and head tracking peripheral for a Windows PC to connect their app with the Beam community. Developers can access real-time tracking data for gaming, simulation, AAC, biometric, and other devices. 

The new generation of applications aims at breaking the barriers of digital interaction. Eye and head tracking technology are one of the contenders that push for the development of more intuitive and immersive devices and digital environments. Tech you can’t see is the best tech.

You can use Beam SDK to create your own immersive game experiences, interactions or accessibility solutions for PC on top of the Eyeware Beam head and eye tracker. Beam SDK helps you:

  • build accessibility apps to empower all people in the world;
  • create new games features that will bring players deeper into the digital worlds;
  • develop apps for academic and user experience (UX) researchers to make data collection easier;
  • create prototypes quicker for applications in driver monitoring, training simulators, robotics, human-machine interaction.


  • The Beam application is installed on your system;
  • you have an active subscription, which makes you able to receive head and eye tracking data;
  • you run the calibration procedure within the Beam application at least once.

In addition, if you want to use the Python API, you need:

  • Python 3.6;
  • NumPy;
  • adding /API/python to your PYTHONPATH.

What is an eye and head tracking enabled PC application?

An eye and head tracking enabled PC application is an app in which the software can react to head movements, eye movements, or more specifically, where the user is looking at any given time.

This includes applications in which the content changes according to the gaze, a vtubing avatar is controlled with your natural head and eye movements, a window can be selected with your eyes, an NPC (non-playing character) reacts when you are looking at them, or even applications that are used to research user experience. The possibilities are endless.

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