In the series BushTrips in Angola, I present the fourth edition. After flying Angola North, it is now the turn for Angola West.

The trip starts in the south west in the town of Moçâmedes/Namibe. Then you fly towards the mountains and climb over the Serra de Leba Pass, one of the famous hairpinned roads in the world. Flying over the mountains you enjoy beautiful views, like the Tundavala Gap. Then you cross over to the coast to see the beauty there.

The trip is 668 nm in 8 legs.

The following languages are present: English (US), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish. Apart from English, all languages are machine translated.

The following addons are not mandatory but strongly recommended to enhance your experience:

Angola ETM12 Enhanced Terrain Mesh 12m vol_06 - BenguelaHuamboBié by Gjanosh61

airport FNMO Namibe Welwitschia mirabilis by meerkat

To change the aircraft to one you like better than my choice, I advise to try: BuffyGC Mission Changer

You can choose your own weather.

I like to thank:

BuffyGC for his excellent BushTripInjector; Alexander Barthel for his equally excellent Little Navmap and Gjanosh61 for his terrain enhancement and as last Meerkat for FNMO airport.

Enjoy the trip, happy flying and safe landing.