With the release of this quite unique addon for MSFS2020, I'm proud to share my first creation with you, the public.

This is a very simple aircraft. No switches, nothing to fail.
Typically, the engine is already running upon scenery loading. 
There is no propeller, no propeller animation and no engine sound (Christmas Trees are to be quite when flying). Real flightsimmers/pilots just have to live with this.
Gauges on this aircraft are only visible while the cockpit camera is active. All gauges are custom-built by the creator.

Known errors (updates will be available in the fututre):

  • Engine sometimes stalls on IDLE while on airfields > 2000ft. AMSL
  • Artificial Horizon Gauge does not render vertical orientation of the aircraft (pitch)

Current release version ready to download:


  • (1) Save the .zip -File to disk, (2) unpack, (3) copy the folder called "benjaminwinter-flyingchristmastree-vX-X" and paste directly into the community folder of your MSFS2020 installation.

Website, Contact information, etc. coming soon (few days).


Creator: Benjamin Winter
This "add-on" and all content resulting are a unique upload to flightsim.to.
DO NOT DESTRIBUTE/REDISTRIBUTE in any way, shape or form without the creator's permission.
Information below is based upon mid-December, 2021:
Lost Replays, Studios ("LR, stds.") does not represent a registered company name.
"LR, stds" is a creative name used by the creator, Benjamin Winter.
At the time of publishing, I, as the creator, do not earn financial payments directly upon releasing this "add-on'".