Lockheed Harpoon PV-2  (FSX port over)

This beautuful aircraft offered in eight different aircraft models, with eleven repaints, mostly in US army / air force guise (three civilian repaints included) 

and an excellent repaint of what she looked like in the Japanese Marines. Once again the KingAir cockpit is used - with trim, throttle, pitch and flaps adjustable. 

Check out the pilot and turret animations ! . . . she cannot be started manually, only cold start from the runway - sorry.

She flies really well, and will guarantee hours of fun flying.  Enjoy!


This conversion from FSX was only possible due to the brilliant model / animations / repaints which were originally

created by Milton Shupe and team: Tom Falley, Scott Thomas, Ken Mitchell, Racheal Whiteford, Stuart Cox, Andre Reimers,

Mark Rogers , excellent sound by Nigel Richards and pilot figures by Jan Visser - thanks for a wonderful aircraft !!

(Installation:  unzip, then drop file into Community folder)