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Version 1.08.1
Rilascio iniziale May 06, 2021
Ultimo aggiornamento September 19, 2021
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  • Version 1.08.1 September 19, 2021

    * Fixed bug in data file for use with ADE
    * No changes to library itself

  • Version 1.08 August 12, 2021

    - Confirmed compatibility with SU5
    - Included instructions on using Windy Things objects with Airport Design Editor

  • Version 1.07 July 13, 2021

    - Bug fix for 1:1 ratio flags (Switzerland, Nepal, and Vatican City)
    - Fix related typos in the flag-making tutorial

  • Version 1.06 May 31, 2021

    - Improve animations on 5:3 ratio flags
    - When using multiple flags of the same type, animations now start at a random offset so that movement of flags is no longer synchronized
    - Flag creation tutorial revised and expanded

  • Version 1.05 May 28, 2021

    - Added six new flags (United Nations, European Union, NATO, Olympics, International Red Cross, and International Red Crescent)

  • Version 1.04 May 26, 2021

    - Updated animation code to deal with windsock "fix" in MSFS 1.16; objects now align to the wind regardless of object heading
    - Added flag repainter tool to the download

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Why can't I resize or change the elevation of these objects in MSFS?

This is a known (and quite irritating) limitation in MSFS for all SimObjects, not just those in this library. SimObjects can be placed and rotated in a scene. But they cannot be resized, and they don't respect changes to altitude either.

Can I get a flag with different artwork on it?

Included in the Windy Things download is a Flag Repainter tool. Just follow the instructions included in the zip file to create your own custom flags.

Can I use the Windy Things objects in scenery created with Airport Design Editor for MSFS 2020?

Yes.  Instructions on "Using Windy Things in ADE" are included in the download.


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@trfsto - Just wanted to say thanks for the great flags and windsocks! 👍👍 I'm using the Thai national flag and also substituted the blue Queen Sirikit version in an array to sort of replicate the real situation. I've posted a screenshot in your gallery. Sad that we can't scale SimObjects as they're a bit oversized for my purpose, but they still add so much to the scenery. Luckily, I was able to significantly downsize the install folder by deleting all the unused flags and related entries. I didn't rename anything so the package is still wholly attributed to you. Thanks again!


I am trying to create a custom flag and I follow all the instructions but when the folder in community is created the DDS wont be there. Any ideas?

There seems to be a problem with the windy things sim objects as when I add them to airport (scenery) in Airport Design Editor they do not display in FS2020 yet other sim objects (assume standard FS2020 sim objects) when added do display. Is this a result of the latest FS2020 update (6)?


A BIG TIP for users of ADE. Be careful when copying the 'objects' from the .TXT file to teh adeSimObjectList.dat file. If you accidentally add a new line after the last character of the last object name, ADE will crash when loading. When you paste the contents of the .txt file ENSURE the cursor is 'flashing' to the right side of the last object name and NOT on the next line.

Hey, i got an issue with changing the height of your windsocks in my scenery. I can increase the height, but when i build the package it goes back to the standard height. Any idea how to fix this in my case?

Just to confirm, since I'm relatively new to msfs mods; is this mod just for people creating scenery? or does this actually place flags and whatnot to existing airports, in game? I find the amount of windsocks in the game are lacking. At some airfields/airports I cant even find one to see wind direction... Thanks!

Hey there Windy !

I want to confirm the version available for upload is in fact 0.1.8 - because the latest change in even the single byte on both the manifest and layout date back to he 12th of July - and the manifest states it's the version 0.1.6.

It is not unusual when sometimes latest version just doesn't appear, or appears as the old one, I see it seldom happen to the others.

So I always ask if I notice that.

Thanks for some cool and seriously windy libraries ! 😉

Great models. I only used/wanted one (windsock) but it is great but a little difficult to add to use in Airport Designed Editor (although very easy once you have worked it out). It worked in my SU5 updated MSFS although cannot be scaled which is a MSFS bug.

Used this in my scenery, thanks!

Thank you for all your hard work! Amazing add on! Will use it in my sceneries and will give you a credit of course!

I have noticed if you put a flag (pole or no pole) on top of the custom made building (that has collision material), it just lifts the flag way above the building. It's treating the building like the ground. Also tried ground offset it doesn't work.

Once I put the pole/flag next to the building, it works fine.

5 stars for your work!! Can't wait to see more!

That's a very useful mod. Thanks!

Thank you! Excellent work

Thank you very much for sharing your creations with us!

Very cool and generous on your part for your time in sharing. Many thx

Drag and drop into community folder?

Thank you so much!

The reverse side of the flags have reversed writing. Other than that they are excellent!

Awesome work! I've used your windsocks für my EDHE Uetersen Scenery.

Do you have PayPal? Wanna donate your work

Thank you! I am the webmaster for Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM). We are going to incorporate many of your objects into our Alaska Bush (mostly-on-the-water) scenery locations. The flags and windsocks are perfect for our needs in this environment. In our documentation, we are telling people if they want to see animated flags and windsocks, then they must download and install6" Windy Things" (and we give the link with full credit to your efforts). If they do not download your package, then they miss the animation. You have done an exceptional job on these. The realism is perfect and we are proud to be including them in our scenery locations. Keep us posted on any new objects you may create.


Thank you! Thank you! You save us a day! Wonderful flags!

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