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Una breve panoramica di ciò che sta accadendo nella nostra comunità.

That's what I had to do, but it would add even more realism 😊

According to their website pictures, this one is still in use.

It's sad to see you guys ending work on this. I've been looking for an OTHH product since I moved there for work. I was super excited to see how well you got the buildings to look like they do in reality. I think the payware only covers the airport, no? If that is the case, could you make a version of your project without the OTHH so we can use your fantastic skyline with the new OTHH?

Wonderful project - I love it!

It would be great to have the decorations for Microsoft's Frankfurt (Germany), LAX, and New York airports too....

Probably a christmas tree for Manhattan in front of the rockefeller Center 😉

Awesome, Thank you, we needed some more military paints for the Beaver.


You know the gauges

Would you be able to replace the compass on the DC Classic next to the altimeter with an HSI

I would be very happy about it and I am sure that many pilots would appreciate

Best regards

Awesome, thank you! Would love to see a YMND done by someone as well.

Rochelle v2 and file v1 ??????????????????

Nantes v2 and file v1 ???????

This is what I was looking for, and it looks good! The only issue that I'm running into is that the obstacle lights with support are appearing extremely large. When I change their scales, the light becomes fairly dim and I'm unable to see it from a distance. Any advice or help?

Download here. v0.1.0 or higher

🙂 You forgot to provide the actual link:


Also, the map marker at flightsim.to map is incorrectly placed at Niijima.

Please make sure you have the livery "microsoft-aircraft-dc3-livery-worldtravel" installed. Can be checked via the content-manager of MSFS.

Somehow the external model of the left passengerdoor is not available in the main DC-3 folder-structure.

Muy buena pintura Jorge. Para haber sido tu primera pintura te quedo excelente!

With the removal of autogen trees, you'll be on duty to redo all your scenes, you have to think about getting some sleep anyway lol. Thank you again for this titanic quality work.

Thank you. Delta 900 fleet will depend on the release of the paint kit.

Thank you for modeling the home of the 69th BS! So many bases in the PTO are unsuable in the sim, glad to have this one up and running.

Tested and works great with SU11+WU1, thanks!

FYI: Sendai Daikannon is included into the "Sendai Landmarks" pack by another author.

Some of the scenerys I installed use your libraries. You state that developers that use your libraries are required to change it IF they use a certain object. If a developer abandoned their project would it be bettter NOT to update to version 14.2??

One of if not the best Battleship Grey liveries out there for FS2020. Would love to see this on the FBW 320neo or other airliners.

One of the best freeware airports in Japan. The attention to details, performance, winter textures - they're gorgeous! Tested with SU11+WU1.

I'm not sure what you're talking about. This airport perfectly supports partial and full snow coverage (see the user gallery).

It's great to have the RNAV approach for YWKS. I notice though that it is missing the approach transition names (they are blank) and the final approach slope is not coded. Is it possible to correct these? Thanks!

Sorry about the delay. There's a flighplan now available as an additional file download.

Whisky? Wrong guy. Plane looks a lot better, added another star. Panel lines is a problem now.

Awesome! Thank you

Any chance you could make the "100th 737ng" livery?

Hi, thx for the awesome livery. Could you update the name of the livery in the cfg to Hawaiian. It shows Lufthansa now and that leads to rejections in virtual airlines because of the supposed wrong use of the livery.

pequenas melhorias mas que deixaram o aeroporto bem mais usável, obrigado

Best long haul plane in MSFS and the best out of all the freeware mods that use FBW systems, very high quality mod and more is coming. I have done 13 hour long hauls and the frame rate together with airplane handling is fantastic. Great update.