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Una breve panoramica di ciò che sta accadendo nella nostra comunità.

silent155 and nickb007, you can both now correct your first 5 star rating that you dropped to 1/2 a star, back to 5 stars.

You can now correct your 5 stars, down to 1/2 star, back to 5 stars now.

You can now correct your 5 stars, down to 1/2 star, back to 5 stars now.

Hi, as I mentioned in jmknights93 thread, fix is quiet simple. Reposting:


  1. create directory "html_ui\icons\toolbar\"
  2. move to that directory "FSPM_ICON.svg" from "html_ui\Textures\Menu\toolbar\"
  3. now you can delete empty directory "Textures\Menu\toolbar\"
  4. edit "layout.json": find line with location of "FSPM_ICON.svg" and change it to that new location "html_ui/icons/toolbar/FSPM_ICON.svg"
  5. after sim restart it should be fine

Top work on this paint job Padday, brings back nostalgic memories of my first flights in a a319 from EGGW - GCFV.

I have lots of liveries. Is there a quick way to do this?

I had the same problem, click on "Ready For Takeoff" to turn on the APCP, or go through the quick start guide to do that manually.

Hello guenseli if the profile that is not working is currently Airbus H135 PRIME button MFD L MFD MFDR for example I think there are others

best regards and thank you for this fabulous work

I noticed the prink aprons on another local airport and had to unckeck yours in add on linker. Great that you came with a fix!!! thanks

Yes thanks, I'm working on that. Having big problems with my sim lately so can't do any testing! I tried lighter textures but they didn't seem to have much of an effect. I'll have to do it via the model itself I think, but I'll need this silly SU5 running reliably to get it done!

same thing for me. I followed all of the directions exactly, but it appears nothing has changed.

Woah, awsome to see you still working on this hahaha! Missed you mkvy!

I have been noticing similar with a few other liveries, I believe its caused by a texture corruption on the rear of cockpit interior. It gives off a magneta glow.

I really like this Singapore 787 Repaint , and i flew this many hours to feel like going travel in home during lockdown , but is it ok to request 1 small thing in the repaint?

is it able to add red color on the tip of every PYLONS , this is Singapore airlines version.

and the NO STEP located area. This is just an improvement, just hope this can come true.

I rated the poor timeliness of the updates which is perfectly acceptable. I was able to add IRS controls on my own over a week ago. I'm sorry an opinion from a person "like me" offended you.

I don't think so. But if you have a look on my profile I have made multiple versions of this livery trying to get it right so just look for the most recent version.

Axonos are bringing their version from XP11. should be the next month or so. This is great until that comes along

Yeah if you like melting planes. haha

So sorry I don't have access to photoshop right now or my regular computer so it will be a while before uploading in new liveries.

SO sorry. If you know how to change it or know a website that shows how to change it I would be glad to but I don't know how.

Jeppeson has nailed it yet again. Amazing work dude. Great addition to the sim

Just watch out for that TFR 😊

I am using the marketplace version, but I tried the development version as well.

I've stopped playing with it due to the problems with the AC, but when they get a new stable build going, I'll get it off their website and re-test.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. This work is only for Chinese players and convenient for Chinese users overseas to provide convenient and fast use. Overseas players are not required to learn Chinese. Learning Chinese is not a beautiful thing ~ ~ I wish you a happy life

Thank you! We need more cargos on this model. I get the best flights out of the 737 Max!

Great work! Any chance you could add one for Dublin , Ireland (EIDW) would be real nice to see some Aer Lingus and Ryanair traffic!

I see, unfortunately I won't be able to do it now 😞 I have not even finished Gold Coast

No se conecta con el simulador el Simconnect, cual puede ser el error?

A mi me pasa lo mismo se conecta con la tabble . pero no consigo que se conecte con el simulador

Confirm working after SU5. Ultra settings

Hi, another user request the same, check below the monstersd619 post.