I love the skins dude but your roundels are very inaccurate. The blue is thiner and the red is to scale with the blue and white. Take a look at the RAF Red Arrows fusealge roundel that is correct size, this includes the wings to.

Hi there.

Not sure what the 'default Spitfire' is but anyway...

I can't think of any reason as yet as to why the scenery could cause this CTD.

As far as I know it is working fine, and perhaps unless some more people from the 7000 plus who are using this package come forward with a similar problem then there isn't really any way I know to help you. I will check a 06 approach on my system and report if I have a problem.

Sorry I can't do more at the moment, I can only await further feedback in order to troubleshoot a potential problem. For the moment I hope you discover a solution soon...

Feel free to reply with any suggestions or remedies. Mick.

il mio pc carica lo scenario in pochi secondi, ma tieni presente che ho la dir community installata su un hard disk SSD NVMe e forse questo fa la differenza..

I tried everything and couldn't get it to work 😞

Hi, well, I'm not familiar with windows 'Extract all' function or how well it works in this situation. But basically what you will have downloaded is a .zip file that contains the folder 'EGSU Duxford Airfield'. It is this folder that needs to be put in your Community Folder. Perhaps you could try to extract it to somewhere else perhaps, some people extract to desktop and then manually move the extracted folder, EGSU Duxford Airfield into the Community Folder.

Make sure there are no folders or files in Community Folder from previous failed attempts...

TOSHIさん ありがとうございます。

TOSHIさんも 仙台を苦労してつくられたのに かぶってしまいすみません、

Identical problems to Ollymsfs2020. I hope they'll be cleared soon from this brilliant mod.

Thanks. I see the old tarmac runway was marked 16/34! just seen on images. I put in the 15R/33L just for the sim users really, as it did look unused. The centre lines on grass strips again more as an aid for sim use. I cant do anything with the hangers unless re-modelled. All standard models which keeps the file size amazingly small ! The main reason though is no software/skill for that yet. Happy for nit-picking thats the only way to improve it 😊 Keep suggestions coming. Middlezoy.......soon! Have fun.

Really nice! Would love an update to the Aero Club/CAP hangar!

I would like to apologize, it's my Sim's fault. I have this loading problem also in other sceneries. I don't know how to fix it.

The aircraft is very good but i have a problem that APU is not working,When i turn on APU and APU BLeed than disconnect EXT PWR the aircraft goes back to cold and dark position

Thank you for your Mods!! Good work!

Hold the left mouse button on the knob and click the right mouse button to push or the middle mouse button to pull.

Bel addon..pero' peccato tolto subito perche solo questo addon fa impiegare al sim il doppio del solito caricamento iniziale..dai miei soliti 4 minuti ad 8 minuti..sai dirmi qualcosa!! o qualche soluzione??grazie..

yes, you need both to cover all islands

I have a question... cruising along with a cross wind makes the heli turn to the opposite side of the wind...you cannot just proceed strait (with some drift angle). Is this coming from some wrong setting or is just an issue that is part of the development? btw, awesome job thanks a lot!!!

Man, thanks for your work. I downloaded and tested it today, october/24 and it worked great with WU 6. Using my secondary PC (my number 1 is being upgraded - number 2 is s i9 9900KF + RTX 2070, in 4K, TV 55" + 3 monitors, between Afonso Pena and Congonhas, the average was 65 fps. Small bugs (if you want, I can report), but nothing that compromises. I would like to see this Pro Line on King Air... I leave the provocation. Again, very grateful. Oh yes, BR here.

Okay so it's not bug in ths mod or in fbw. I decreased fuel flow 30 percent in simbrief profile based on my fuel burn data from other flight.

Also mcdu keyboard is dark, no lights. Basicly this is very good freeware when we waiting payware a330 from aerosoft.

A great plane but can we have clean windows, no smudges please.

Thought I should mention I got here because *stock* longitude gives me a right engine cutout no matter what I do 1-15 minutes after runway start. Problem may go deeper. I was here to look for a possible mod solution.

spped break doesn't work, its a bug or my installation mistake?

very beautiful, very good job

possibility of also being able to do Brindisi?

thank you so much

You can see a lot of these liveries with the new DR401, but it's still gorgeous with the dr400

Throttle sensitivity makes it unusable for me(PS4controller). Is it not possible to use the sensitivity from the default Neo? Else it looks very good

Excellent work! Please consider adding some cars in the main parking area (Lot A). Looking forward your next project! (maybe KPIT ??)

En vista exterior...al alejarse....las ventanas se ven color rosa...¿alguien sabe cual puede ser el problema?

Absolutely won-der-ful! Will you consider to update to V6? ¡Maravilloso! ¿Consideras actualizar a V6?

In Exterior View ... when you get away .... The windows are pink ... Does anyone know what the problem can be?

En vista exterior...al alejarse....las ventanas se ven color rosa...¿alguien sabe cual puede ser el problema?

Apologies this is my first attempt at putting something in the community folder....I extracted (using windows 'Extract all' function) to the community folder...but is there something else I need to do, I cannot find the install instructions anywhere, apologies for missing something if listed...

Ustawiasz EPKT jako dolotowe i samolot Ci się na nim ustawia ? Nie rozumiem.

I believe you did a New Jersey Devils livery last year in black. Any chance you can do it in red?

landing gear animation on touchdown looks awfull

Ok, thanks, I hadn't seen it anywhere else so I assumed it was this scenery, i just haven't got round to updating all the world updates yet.


"ATTENTION - AFFECTS ALL BUSH TRIPS AFTER SU6!!!As soon as you return to the main menu or exit the simulator after finishing a leg, you cannot finish any more legs. I hope that this bug will be fixed soon.

Hello Koschi, thanks for your advices, but I try again to fly between EDNY to EDQM (part 4) without validation.

Big trouble with the SU6..