Combining the visibility of a helicopter with outstanding slow-flying capabilities, the original concept for the Edgley EA7 Optica was as a three-seat touring aircraft. Designer John Edgley, at that time began the final aerodynamic design in 1974. The first flight was made on 14 December 1979. The engine drives a five-bladed fixed-pitch ducted fan, and the Optica is thought to be the world's quietest powered aircraft. Mounting the whole cockpit assembly ahead of the fan and engine gives the pilot and passengers 270° panoramic vision, plus almost vertical downward vision; the cockpit canopy design allows photography through the panels. Its internal
cabin permits three-abreast seating, while baggage space and positions for mounting specialized observation equipment are provided behind the seats and in the unrestricted floor area in front of the two passenger seats. Roles for the Optica are virtually unlimited, from the obvious aerial photography and surveillance patrols to traffic reporting, powerline inspection etc. and it has the ability to perform much of a helicopter's work with fixed-wing economy and range.

  • Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder.
  • You need to locate and open the folder named Community. 
  • Copy the "gotfriends-optica" folder you just extracted to the Community folder.
  • Read the included Flight Manual for an in-depth look into all the aircraft features.
  • Start the game and your EA-7 Edgley Optica will be sitting in your hanger ready to fly!
  • NEED HELP? Follow this Flightsim.to Tutorial

VERSION 1.0.2. - Flightsim.to & Official Microsoft Marketplace Release (Features):
  • GNS530/GTX330 Navigation Unit and Transponder.
  • KAP140 Autopilot and Course Deviation Indicator System.
  • Standard 9 Pack of aviation "Flight Instruments".
  • Install/Remove the Winter Ski Kit On-The-Fly.
  • Realistic Ski Snow Take-Off and Landing Flight Physics.
  • Companion Add-On: Fly with your choice of a Dog, Cat, Both, or None.
  • Fully Clickable Cockpit with Extra Features and Circuit Breakers.
  • Realistic Flight Model by Got Gravel.
  • 8k/4k Texture Sets by twoseventyinc.
  • Landing Ground Effects, Exhaust Effects, Heating Effects & Combustion Effects.
  • 7 Unique Liveries Included.
  • Additional Navigation Systems Supported.

  • Jonx: XML Coding & Companion Add-On
  • Got Gravel: Flight Model and Lighting Effects
  • twoseventyinc: Liveries and Textures
  • Mykrode: 3D Models
  • Asobo/Microsoft: General Assets & SDK



#1 - Standard GNS530/GTX330. This option is included in the purchase and is your only navigation system by default. If you have ONLY the "gotfriends-optica" folder in your Community Folder, you will have this by default. This will be the only available option for Xbox users in the future.

#2 - Standard GTN750 (PMS50). This option requires 2 additional downloads. You must download the GTN750 Base Package (Free or Premium) and the GTN750 Replacement Add-on provided by our team. So, in conclusion, you should ONLY have the "gotfriends-optica" folder, "pms50-instrument-gtn750" folder, and "gotfriends-optica-gtn750" folder in your Community Folder. The Standard GTN750 is the basic navigation system that supports User Custom Waypoints.

#3 - GTN750 with WTT Support. This option requires 2 additional downloads. You must download the GTN750 Base Package (Free or Premium) and the GTN750 WTT Replacement Add-on provided by our team. So, in conclusion, you should ONLY have the "gotfriends-optica" folder, "pms50-instrument-gtn750" folder, and the "gotfriends-optica-gtn-750-wtt" folder in your Community Folder. The GTN750 with WTT (Working Title Technology) is a more robust package that brings you holds, vectors to final, visual approaches, missed approaches, and real-life legs in the flight plan. However, you currently can not use User Custom Waypoints. Also Working Title is a type of technology as well as a development group. This specific technology in the GTN750 is not talking about the Working Title Development Group.


- Since you should only have the Navigation Systems of choice in your Community Folder, we recommend using a software package that manages your Community Folder such as Add-on Linker.


Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows.


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