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I have recently written a simple tool to record and replay my flight and would like to share it with the community.And thanks IamSean for allowing me to include his video as a showcase of the tool's capability and the awesome graphic fidelity...

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I have recently written a simple tool to record and replay my flight and would like to share it with the community.

And thanks IamSean for allowing me to include his video as a showcase of the tool's capability and the awesome graphic fidelity of MSFS.


Extract and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.

  • Record and replay with your aircraft or an AI aircraft in the sim
  • Change replaying speed
    • NOTE: when speeding up, your computer might not be able to load scenery fast enough and that will negatively affect frame rate.
  • Save recording into a file to replay later or on another computer
  • Export the recorded data into CSV for further analysis
  • Quickly jump to any time in your recording (you have to Pause Replay first)

Notes: The tool records this list of variables from SimConnect Structs.cs for each sim frame. Some of them are only for analysis and display and don’t affect replay.

  • FBW A32NX
    • The 32NX starts to replace existing code that works with SimConnect with new code that ignores SimConnect. This means the aircraft will ignore the replay data Flight Recorder send to the sim. You will see that certain variables get replayed as in other aircraft, and the rest don't.
    • Workaround (suggested by Abriael): since the recording still has correct data, you can replay it on stable/dev variant of the 32NX, or even the default A320.
  • Default A320 and A23NX
    • Aileron reacts wrongly to simvar `AILERON POSITION` when aircraft is in the air.
    • I have reported this in ZenDesk #95574. I'll wait for Sim Update 4 before working on a workaround.
Other Limitations and Notes
  • When starting a replay, your aircraft might be teleported to a far away location which doesn't have loaded terrain. This means the ground can jump up/down really quickly and you might get a crash (not CTD) due to damaged landing gear. Disable crash detection might be a good idea if you frequently replay your flight.
  • I don’t know a reliable way to tell if an engine is running or not, so this tool does not auto-start the engine (because it doesn’t know when). Hence, you should start recording/replaying when engine is already running (or the aircraft will move without a running engine) and stop recording before turning off the engine (not really a problem, but the tool might not shut the engine down for you). Not doing that won't prevent you from replaying or using any features, but replay can look like your aircraft is powered by magic ;).
  • Replay looks weird when turning on the ground. I’m not so sure what is happening there yet.
  • To prevent fighting with MSFS own calculation, the tool sends freeze command when you start replay and unfreeze when you stop replay.
    This means replaying might conflict with other tools leverating the same freeze feature (e.g. YourControl when you are not in control, other replay tools).
  • AI aircraft jitters back and forth during replay, especially at high speed. I'm still trying to figure out the reason.
Reporting Issue

If you have any issue with the tool, please report it in our GitHub page with information for troubleshooting such as screenshots, logs and profile exports.

You can also join my Discord server for further discussion

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Source Code:

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On approach I get lag spikes up to 10 fps and its literally unlandable

idk if its the mod but potentially

update 10?

thank you, this is an amazing add-on! everyone must have it!!

I just want to know if it is possible to record the traffic AI generate by me. It would be very interresting to make some formation

hey i just downloaded it so i just put it into the community folder and it works. Or do i have to do some other stuff

will it allow to change camera views during the replay?

the replay mod in the sim doesn't allow that.

Nice addon. What happen to the "stay on top" button?

So, I have used this with the fenix and unfortunately the control surfaces are inverted. I have seen that this is an issue with most of the planes, so if there is any way you can fix this, then I will give 5 stars instead of 4!!

not hating just asking for help when i went to replay my flight/landing i started free falling through the sky



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

great add on for free 6 stars



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

Absolutely flawless recorder - works perfect and MP4 oututs are sharp and stutter free - thanks so much!




2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

Really nice replay tool. Good job!



2 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

great tool, I love recording my landings. I save the clip and I don't know how to get it into a video editing app? any suggestions?

I wish a replay software could record multiplayer group flights

hello your tools are really cool! but would it be possible to add firing triggers from the H145? it's only two keys and its greatly improved the quality of replays with the H145



3 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

I was using the in-built replay tool at first but it became a chore to do simple tasks. This recorder single handedly solved all the issues that were present in the default tool. Thank you!

I bet, someone already asked this question....

But how does it work?

I recorded a flight...what do I need to do in the Simulator to see the replay video when I click the "Replay" Button in the Recorder?

I was in the Main Menu, then I clicked on "Replay" and nothing happened...the App showed, it would be replaying but nothing happened. Suddenly I heard the Crashing sound (as I crashed at the end of the record)

Sorry for asking but I feel like I am doing something wrong



3 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da nguyenquyhy

My prayers have been answered! I asked for shortcuts a few months ago and you integrated them. I'm very happy with it!

I use this addon for video editing and it would be really nice if you could add a shortcut for (fast?) forward and rewind.

Thank you very much.

Love it! Principally using it for CTDs. Intend to explore the replay camera functions. 5-stars.

Thanks a lot for the great tool!

Is it possible in the future to hope for an option to automatically start recording when crossing a given height?

For example, on a descent at 3000 ft AGL recording begins.

Questi articoli sono attualmente in lista e saranno elaborati presto!
Suggerimenti, bug e idee per il futuro.

  • Version 0.21 June 15, 2022

    - Add initial support for global shortcut keys (thanks @LendaUrbana). It is currently disabled by default. Please let me know if the implementation does not work for your use cases.
    - Some small crash fixes

  • Version 0.20 May 31, 2022

    - Record & replay prop lever position
    - Record & replay gyro heading to fix issue with heading indicator (for old recording, magnetic heading will be used instead)
    - Automatically save recorded data if Flight Recorder crashes, allow restoring on the next load
    - Bundle VC runtime to resolve SimConnect initialization issue

  • Version 0.19 February 23, 2022

    - Add Repeat toggle button
    - Update to .NET 6

  • Version 0.18.2 September 24, 2021

    - Fix crash after replaying as AI with invalid livery name

  • Version 0.18.1 August 31, 2021

    - Add logging of currentFrame when starting replay

  • Version 0.18 August 30, 2021

    - Allow starting the replay from the middle for the recording
    - Allow clicking longitude/latitude/altitude to copy the value
    - Record more variable for ACS standard
    - Record & replay ACCELERATION BODY to further smooth out AI replay
    - Fix crashes when Flight Recorder is still in connected state after MSFS is closed

Domande frequenti

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How to install/upgrade the tool?
You can just download the zip file of any version, unzip it and run FlightRecorder.Client.exe.
What are the differences between Save and Export?
Save produces a .flightrecorder file that can be loaded later by the tool (using Load button).
Export produces a .csv file that can be opened in Excel for analysis.
Why does reverser not work?

There seems to be a bug in the 32NX experimental version that does not react to thrust lever data from SimConnect, which means the tool has no way to activate reverser. I have filed an issue at (from the look of it, doesn't seem like FlyByWire will fix the issue).

If you are not using that version, most likely you are using a physical thrust lever that conflicts with Flight Recorder by trying to take over control from the replay tool. The easiest way to test this (also a workaround) is to create a clone binding profile and remove the thrust binding.


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