I've looked to see if anyone has made a GSX Pro Ground Services for this particular aircraft and I didn't see any, so I'm putting one together.  It will be labeled as a Cargo aircraft in the profile as there is no doorway for passengers to board or deboard from - other than the downward ladder at the front left of the fuselage.  GSX Pro has not yet, as far as I know, made passengers that can climb up and down ladders yet :-( ....

Anyway, I have named this download "KC-135R GSX Pro Ground Services Profile".  I did not find one container or pallet that would completely be covered by the fuselage and I don't know of a way that would allow me to move the container or pallet deeper into the fuselage so that the front tip of the object is not showing outside of the fuselage while heading towards the loader / unloader.

Hope you enjoy this profile, and please if you like it or find it immersive enough for you give me a few stars and I'll continue to make other profiles for aircraft no one else has made.

Again, thanks for downloading...

If you want to change what ULD Containers come out of your cargo hold underneath the aircraft you can change them in the GSX MAIN MENU Dialog Box before you start deboarding.  The way to access this Dialog Box:

1.  When you have the aircraft ready to deboard or board click the default keys to bring up the Box, by default it is "CTRL + SHIFT + F12".  This will show the dialog box and you will want to choose "Customize Airplane". 

2.  This will bring up the "Customize Aircraft" dialog box.  Choose either one of the Cargo 1 or Cargo 2 doors and it will give you a drop-down menu so that you can choose which containers it will use to load and unload.  I have it set to default all the containers.  Deselect the ones you don't want to use and just close by clicking either save or the "X" at the top right of the dialog box.  The most common containers used for the A330 aircraft are "LD3" & "AKE" ULD containers.  Go ahead and customize how see what is loaded and unloaded from your aircraft.


I will be releasing an Access Database to where you can keep detailed information about your downloads: Aircraft, Sceneries, Aircraft Enhancements, Scenery Enhancements, etc.  Be on the lookout for this Database within the next few months!