Hawker Hunter 2-seater package for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) v1.0

Thankyou for taking the time to download this package. Please read the notes below.

This model is for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS2020) ONLY, and will not work in earlier versions of Flight Simulator.

Unzip to a temporary folder then copy the "dg-hawker-huntert" into your MSFS community folder.

Package contains 6 different marks, and a total of 17 paint schemes.
Fully MSFS native, with Wwise sound pack.

The models can have different drop tank options:

Clean (Internal fuel only)
Inner 100g tanks
Inner & outer 100g tanks

Note! These capacities are Imperial Gallons, not US gallons as used by the sim. See below for adding fuel.

To display the tanks the payload stations must have the correct weight:

155lbs (70kg) - pylon only
160lbs (72kg) - pylon with 100g tank

Fuel must be set to suit in the payload editor:

Inner 100g tanks - Fill to 120g
Inner & outer 100g tanks - Fill to 240g

The fuel gauges and tooltips in the cockpit are calibrated for AVTAG fuel which has a different density to Jet-A as used in the sim, so will show different values to the in-sim payload editor.

A selection of preset stores options can be selected using the RP Selector switch in the cockpit while the aircraft is on the ground with the parking brake set.
The options are: Clean, Inner tanks, Inner tanks with outer empty pylons, Inner and outer tanks.


Model, textures and coding:    Dave Garwood
Additional textures, documentation and sound files: Andy Ford (spatialpro).
Beta testing: Ben Watson, Andy Ford (spatialpro).
Copyright and Distribution:
This aircraft is released as Freeware.
Copyright (C) 2023 Dave Garwood. All rights reserved.

This package may not be sold, modified, uploaded to any website without prior agreement.
The use of this package is at your own risk, the author cannot be held responsible. 


Version history.
V1.0 -     Initial release

May 2023
David Garwood
[email protected]


Paintkit uploaded as an additional file.