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Intl. Airports


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38 Commenti

Thank you so much !!!

Has anyone checked with the latest update???

Noticed that in Navigraph the Gates for LSGR are from left to right 1-9.

This one has only 1 to 6 from the middle

Messolonghi Airfield ICAO code should be "LGME", not "LGMS"

Still waiting for Chania Airport😩

I went to see the shipwreck at Navagio Beach and was disappointed but thankfully I'd loaded in your Kefallinia and Zakynthos airports which more than made up for it! Excellent work. p.s. I guess Zakynthos didn't make it into Part 5 as it's still a separate download but it's very nice.

where is part 1?
At this rate, where do the locals live & the tourists go, cus this place is made up of airports - Holy Smokes! ;-p
Great job!! Thank you very much. I have problem with the blue lights at the night for several airports. There are not aligned to the taxiways! Can you please check it out? Ec. LGTG, LGEL.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for your awesome work. Why did you skip Rhodes Airport? Or do i have to look somewhere else?
can you make Chania LGSA?
Super.Dodaj jeszcze lotnisko na Rodos -LGRP
Thank you very much,excellent job!
Excellent work but to full enjoy must Asobo first repair the coastline glitches
I've now visited all of your Greek Airports. Of course I cannot speak of their authenticity but I can say each one has a 'personality'. Given the sheer volume of airports you have produced not a single one feels rushed or 'thrown together' and each one is a joy to land at and park up. 2 notes: MSFS cannot find Ikaros. Also the pool at LGKJ could do with a bit of care (vegetation?). BRILLIANT WORK.
great work! really enjoying flying in GReece! i flew to Mikonos today LGMK but the apron was not level with the runway and there is a weird ramp on the taxiway so I dont know if its just me?
As always it's an amazing job! Thank you for all your mods!
brilliant work
Great again
Good idea to put the name of the airport after icao. I renamed them like this with Total Commander who have mutil-rename function
Greatly appreciate all your efforts for this fantastic collection and many thanks for keeping all airfields separate which has many benefits for the user. For instance, I have created a folder and put only your island airports in it to use when I'm in a mood for a Greek Island hopping tour. Efharisto Levendi!

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