NOTICE: Due to changes to Terms of Service, we have now allowed this product back on their site. It has no dependencies and therefore can and will be deleted should they again attempt to alter the ToS to take away creator control of our products.

This is the original Microsoft F/A-18C Hornet for FSX Acceleration, fully converted to native MSFS format for distribution as freeware only. Microsoft is aware of the conversion work being done.

We have converted this aircraft as carefully as we can, integrating the avionics of the F/A-18E along with the sound, while also creating custom code for further systems and a completely new flight model that features the F/A-18C's legendary high-alpha flight capabilities. The airplane has been tested with the Jayshrike moving aircraft carrier add-on and works well, along with significant flight testing to ensure the flight envelope is as good as we can get it. MSFS native effects have also been added, along with selectable fuel tanks and weapons load-out.

The original texture format and naming convention has been retained, meaning that all of the many hundreds of add-on liveries that were available for the FSX version of this aircraft can easily be converted to work with the new MSFS version. I have added new PBR layers though to enhance the appearance of the existing textures.

As freeware, we cannot offer the level of support that we do for our commercial products. This has been created for the community to enjoy, and further modify as they wish.

Smoke effect for the Blue Angels aircraft is slaved to the WING LIGHT command for ease of use.

A huge thank you to all flight simulation fans who have supported DC Designs since MSFS launched, hope that you enjoy this offering from us all at DC Designs and CJ Simulations :)