Welcome back to the 1980's!

To celebrate 40 years of Microsoft Flight Simulator, I decided to recreate the FS4 C182RG I grew up with.

Flight Simulator 4.0 was what I started simming with. I spent thousands of hours flying around the US, and exploring the built in aircraft editor. 

When the expansions came I was quick to grab them, including Tahiti and Melbourne Australia. Back then the FS world was ONLY the US, so these were placed in a big blue square
in the centre of the US map. 

I still have the original FS4 files, transferred faithfully from medium to medium over the decades. Unfortunately I do not have the expansions any more though,
unless they're buried in a box somewhere. FS4 can be run on modern PCs using DosBox, and it does it surprisingly well. 

As always to install, pop it into your community folder.



The engine needs a bit of tuning. The prop should instantly go up to 2458RPM when selecting full throttle. 
But to stop it over revving in flight, it is a bit low during takeoff for now.

The animations are limited by design, to reflect the original:
The wheels do not turn, and the nosewheel does not steer. But the gear does retract, as per the original.
I need to make some custom xml animations for the prop, as it should show at idle. 

The sounds have been faithfully recorded and inserted into MSFS. That feat took me 3 days, I hope you enjoy them! The crash and splash sounds do not seem to be working,
I think it's a sim issue rather than my files.
If you do manage to crash, the sound does play but it can repeat which is a little annoying. I'll look into this as we progress further.

Also, the panel unfortunately is not animated. If anyone has the C skills to program that for me, I would be most impressed, and greatful!

In the meantime, I suggest you turn on the HUD options and enjoy a mashup of new and old.

If you like this, please do consider donating. You can do that at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Parorng


I'm between flying jobs again and using the down time to get some of this great stuff out to you. 
You can see my page at https://flightsim.to/profile/Parorng/uploads

I wish you all interesting skies and fun landings! 
- Parorng