This repaint is for Rob Carrich's freeware Grumman F9F-8 Cougar found at Sim-Outhouse; may have to register an account at Sim-Outhouse, but it's free. The repaint represent the lead aircraft of the Blue Angels during the 1955 season flown by Lt. Cdr. Zeke Cormier. Many thanks mto Rob for converting this fine airplane for MSFS 2020 and the Paint Kit without which I could have never done this project. And a special thanks to Priller who gave me the "how to" in getting the throttle to work. I'll give all of you a head's up, you have to assign your throttle control on your stick or yoke to all throttle settings, i.e. 10%, 20%, 30%...etc all the way to 100%. Hope you Blue Angels fans will like this and Rob's Cougar. For a jet it is very easy to fly. 

As a helpful edit, I would like to inform all that in order to fly the Blue Angels livery clean without tanks, one will have to go into the main Grumman F9F Cougar folder and open the flight_model.cfg. Edit these two lines for a clean profile without tanks. Unfortunately this will negate the tanks on all liveries as the flight_model.cfg cannot be brought into an individual livery's folder, the sim still reads the flight_model.cfg of the original.

Look in the main Grumman F9F Cougar folder for the flight_model.cfg and change these two lines:

station_load.0 = 200,  -2.30,     6.7, -2.3, tank_R   (200)
station_load.1 = 200,  -2.30,    -6.7, -2.3, tank_L   (200)


station_load.0 = 000,  -2.30,     6.7, -2.3, tank_R   (200)
station_load.1 = 000,  -2.30,    -6.7, -2.3, tank_L   (200).


You will now have a clean Cougar sans any tanks.