Live Model Checker is designed to help users of Enhanced Live Traffic (ELT) match their models to Live Traffic. 

It checks out live traffic and current landing and take-off runways at any airport independent of a flight simulator.

In addition,it checks if models exists in the community folder.

Live Model Checker & Enhanced Life Traffic

Just locate ELT's logs folder in Options,Settings

Here you van also add non default models, ie A330,737, Embraer etc

Click on a log to show time & details of planes spawned .

Those in RED are the models / liveries which could not be accurately matched and as a result a default model was used , instead.

Purple dones a lack of ICAO ;ELT has to guess, and most often it guesses wrongly.


13:09,G81551, A20N, Go First ,Airbus A320-271N, Airbus A320 Neo Air Baltic (Default Model), GOW1551,

The GO First A20N was not found and replaced with an Air Baltic A320 !

06:36,UL533, A332, SriLankan Airlines ,Airbus A330-243, A332EWG (Default Model), ALK533,

Here the default model in IVAO folder A332EWG was used instead.

All model types which haven't been matched are listed separately on the right.

Click on one of them and type and suggested model are displayed.

Click 'Add to Config' to add your new combination to ELT's ModelMatchjing.json file.

Exit Enhanced LIve Traffic then restart for it to incorporate your new 'rule' .

From the top menu Go Reports,ModelConfig File to Add/Delete/Edit.

 Live Traffic at Airports

You can change  range and height using the Live-Traffic menu options.

Tick 'Show Map' option to see planes plotted in their positions.

Click on a plane to check out altitude,speed & pllane details.
Zoom level cvan be set from 1 to 19 ; the higher the number the smaller the area.

Set height to 3000 (ft) to see in coming and outgoing traffic.
This gives you a good indication of which runway to expect should be landing there
This tells you which runway to expect should you intend to land at the airport - ofcourse

Live Model Checker and AIG Traffic Controller

Live Model Checker shows you the real traffic at an airport which the otherwise excellent AIG Traffic Controller cannot inject as it is flight plan based..

The next version of Live Model Checker makes it easier to check which models have been downloaded via AIG Manager

 Check if model exists in community folder

From the main menu , go Aircraft,Compile List.

Click on a Log file to

 a) obtain the community folder address
 b) obtain titles located in an aircraft.cfg
 c) obtain aircraft and liveries found in the ivao folder if found.
 Go Aircraft,Search Community Folder.
 The data it searches is often abbreviated so:
 Search for models or airlines.
 To search for 737 liveries search:
 To search for airline, try
 to show Tunis Air planes

Click on an entry to bring up the necessary folder.

Click on name to locate aircraft.cfg or check out DDS file in texture folder.

Download latest version of Gimp (2.10) to show DDS file

Do not rename ivao file but leave it as:


More information: