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Version 1.16
Rilascio iniziale November 21, 2021
Ultimo aggiornamento January 14, 2022
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  • Version 1.16 January 14, 2022

    Apologies for the wait but did not have much time on my hands. Business and family demands. We all aknow what thats like.

    Thanks to Hanger and Sal for there patience with my 20 questions and there support.

    So finally fixed the Fuel Mixture and Throttle.

    Fixed Magneto Switches and put in a new one click push start.

    Fixed landing gear lever. Still trying to get the lights to come on. Maybe next time.

    Fixed reversed rudder pedals.

    Tidied up cockpit decals and a few bits and pieces.

    Hopefully next time will have the Fuel selector working as well.

  • Version 1.15 January 07, 2022


    It appears that some where having some issues with joysticks. and canopy. Not sure where the problems was but I have reloaded the file in the game and re-exported it and it semms fine. You can even see the cockpit open if you are on the outside view so hopefully that has fixed whatever the prob;em was.

  • Version 1.14 January 07, 2022

    UPDATE :1.14

    Couple of changes in the cockpit. Added some decals and welded some plates on the canopy frame as suggested. Added fire extinguisher and a crow bar just in case you get stuck in the cockpit.
    Changed the throttle mechanism and casing and added fuel lines and a couple of other small bits They do not effect the operation of the hurricane.
    Also added another livery. The BE505. The 505 was thecnically a MKII but I thought I would include the colour.

    Canopy still opens via the left handle in front of you.
    If you load in the dark SHIFT + L turns on panel light.
    And best to run on True to Life in your assistance options.

    And thats it for today.

  • Version 1.13 January 03, 2022


    Sorry guys. Just a quicky. I had the canopy operating on 2 handle. which created an issue with the mouse roll over. I have now reduced that to just one Handle and thats the one on the left. I also added an invisble box /parented to the handle so it can only open from that handle only.





  • Version 1.12 January 02, 2022


    3 Updates in 3 days I hear you say. Well sometimes you have to go with the flow.

    I have had several comments since I first released this, and some of them helped in bringing this beautifull aircraft to life. 2 main ones where for the gears retracting too fast and for the Canopy.

    So Last night I spent a few hours sorting them out to finish off the week.

    1: Gears now retract alot slower than they did. Best I can get them but they are far better.

    2: I could only get the canopy to work with an interactive exit point via aircraft editor hence it was way too fast but it served its purpose. Now I have changed all that and it works beautifully as it should do. Click anywhere near the handles.

    I even had a few minutes to tidy up the cockpit. So armageddon51 take note. Best I can do.

    I hope you can appreciate the number of hours that went into this project.

    So I am very nearly coming to the end and there is very little else I can do but if I can think of something along the way you will be the first to know.

  • Version 1.11 January 01, 2022


    1: Canopy glass now visble.

    2: Fixed The attitude (indicator) (artificial horizon) and Prop Blur

    3: Touched up metal frame in cockpit.

    It is recommended that until next update to sort out assistance options, you should have it set at " True to Life"


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170 Commenti

Brilliant! Enjoying flying this wonderful model, one of my favorite planes from this period, used to have pictures on my wall as a kid. Thanks so much.

A short history of that WW2 game changer plane

Most excellent work. My go-to aircraft now, even more enjoyable than the payware Spitfire! Is it to soon to ask what your next project might be? Mosquito perhaps

No problem bud, good to see it's coming together nicely! - b4gunner @ Hanger Studio 713

Just keep flying this bird for fun. Sadly, the throttle problem is annoying. I am not sure anymore where you stand on it. Are you trying to fix it or you are waitng for Asobo to release another patch witch can take weeks to come ?. I see new planes coming out and they don't have issue with it. Some has now been fix for that too. Btw I don't have an "Engine 1" throttle function in the input list. That's reserve to mutil throttle hardware, I think. Thanks !

Note : if you have a lot of spare time (?) another mod which will be great, is a damage capony glass with scratches. Possibly internal reflection (?) It is too perfect right now and you wouldn't know there is glass there. I can see what in 1940 during the war what it would have look then. More coffee if you can pull that of.

Project is progressing well and looks great. Just a couple of observations and suggestions for the future. Production Hurricanes did not have a retractable tail wheel. The animation of the rudder pedals in the cockpit seems to be reversed and the heat plume effect coming off the exhaust could be lessened some. Also it might look better if the prop holes in the spinner were deleted or blurred when in motion and there seems to be some darkening of some of the polys on the top of the left aileron. Overall a wonderful job. Thank you for giving us such a cool aircraft!

Can the canopy be opened and can the pilot be changed?

This is astonishingly good. Very stable, feels good to fly. The visuals are nothing short of a work of art! Here's little video - I hope it does justice to this wonderful creation.

Just some minor points: Hard to start - mixture lever problem I think. Needs control E to help. Needs a way to switch fuel tanks - left tank empties rather quickly! Could you slow down the the gear animation by 1/3?

great work, thanks.

It could be if your throttles don't work, they may be custom coded. Apply To Axis Engine 1 instead of the generic throttle axis. EDIT: Confirmed, set axis to engine 1. All good then. Create a control profile specifically for this.

Further Edit: Then i went and read the description and saw it right there lol

Throttle works manually in the cockpit but don't work with joystick. Lights of the board in the cockpit seems not working 😊 I wait a good update 😊

Please let Fsadni work on the issue. I have 100% confident on his ability. It is not his fault. Be patient. He made an incredible model FREE that we all enjoy. You can fly with the keyboard keys and the in-cockpit throttle for now. Why not buy him a coffee instead ?

OMG..! Throttle is Not working immediately after a damm mandatory update of MSFS. ! Why...? Asobo's fault or Microsoft's..? Can it be fixed.? Just asking.

Thank you.

Hi Fsadni,

Same comment that throttle not working, although I could get it to operate when hivering the mouse over it in cockpit and usining the mouse wheel. any chance of getting the guns to fire? 😊

Throttle not working. bad update

throttle not working with flight stick. even when i use the mouse wheel to advance it goes to 100% then snaps back to 0%

Hey, just came across this again and saw you got some trouble with the throttle. I checked the models xml files and saw the reason for this to happen: You need to call a specific template in one of your xmls (I'd go with the one for the interior)

See here:

Basically add the code flyinside_dan provided in the first comment - this will force MSFS to work correctly with the throttle levers default configuration 😊

Your work is appreciated 😊

Thanks a lot for your Hawker Hurricane bird and the continuous upgrade work !

The feeling is amazing to my eyes, to my joystick as well.!

A true "romantic" simmer. 😊

This product is absolutely great fot the early stages its in right now! th contiunious improvement means that sometime soon this will be such a great product

Many thanks for your bird and and the permanent upgrade work !

This is amazing

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