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Regional Airports
#Handcrafted Germany Exclusive


3,100 | V Second Officer

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  • Version October 13, 2021

    ILS and MAG Var corrected. i forget this...sry!

  • Version September 30, 2021

    ILS correct... i forget the degress and mag var ...sry!

    Fehlende Dateien ersetzt aus Version xxxxx_2. in
    Diverse Änderungen !
    Unbedingt EDXWNAVDATA downloaden !

    Missing files replaced from version xxxxx_2. at Version
    Various changes !
    Be sure to download flydata-EDXWNAVDATA !

    Correct AT:
    Runways,ILS,Approach Lights,Rwy. Starts,TAXi,Taxi Signs, Airfield,Objects,Standalone Aircrafts,Heliport,NAV Data,Vehicle Traffic,Cold Starts,OFF Shore Buitenpark Windpark (West from Island about 50km at Sea) and more ...

  • Version September 30, 2021

    Better Place.
    Correctur at:
    Runways,Taxi,Signs,Vehicle, Aprons,Airport Fields,
    more Detailed Airport,Runway Starts,Approach Lights,
    Parking Places,Cold Starts,Parked Aircraft at Field, Sea-Windpark Buitenfield insert and more.
    Please insert the two Scenery Files to Community Folder.
    Flydata-EDXW and Flydata-EDXWNAVDATA !
    NAV DATA new !

  • Version September 22, 2021

    Apron 3 , Cold Starts

  • Lanciato September 15, 2021

    La versione iniziale di questo file è stata appena lanciata. Benvenuto a bordo!

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35 Commenti

Looks really great!

Sadly the ILS32 is totaly offset, but the weather was nice so a visual Approach was also enjoyable 😉

ILS32 didnt work...totall offset



5 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da uli057

Thanks a lot for this fantastic scenery! Really enjoy it!

Sorry, for asking, but is it only my problem, that with this scenery the ILS for RWY 32 is totally off !?! I'm always getting a LOC direction of 000 (3 degrees magnetic)...

I downloaded the navdata also and even when I look into Little Navmap I see the wrong 000 direction - when I deactivate the scenery I can see again the correct ILS direction...



9 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da uli057

Wird die navdata auch benötigt, wenn Navigraph verwendet wird? Oder entstehen da Konflikte?

AT EDXW Version it was important ... download the ZIP File

"" , or you have no Communications !

Put it at the Community Folder !

The flydata-edxw scenery Vers. is not recognised by the MSFS Addons linker. The scenery cannot be linked. The navdata scenery, however, is.

Die flydata-edxw scenery Vers. wird vom MSFS Addons-Linker nicht erkannt. Die Scenery kann nicht verlinkt werden. Die navdata scenery jedoch schon.



24 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da uli057

Thank you!

You can find a review here:

Thanks for the beautifull airport. Suggestion: Add the name of the airport in the tezt or title.

May I suggest that you input the coordinates in a way that the hotlink actually works. Hint: Don't Include "long" and "lat" as it just screws up the hotlink. Thahks!

Excellent scenery! Thank you very much!

Was this formerly named airportteam-edxw? I have that folder but the page has disappeared from this site.

Any reason why the airliners parked at the GAT?



1 month(s) ago / Ringraziato da uli057

Did a little test flight (unfortunately bad weather up here 😊) and am very happy that you provide EDXW here for us. Thank you !!! The Scenery already looks very nice and has worked flawlessly for me! 

Greetings from Hamburg!

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