GamerDEAL -Mercedes C63 Coupe [Beta 0.4]

#Real-Life #4K Original Drag and Drop


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Version 0.4
Rilascio iniziale July 01, 2021
Ultimo aggiornamento July 12, 2021
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  • Version 0.4 July 12, 2021

  • Version 0.3 July 03, 2021

    Fix the wheels freaking out at slow speed and in full stop

  • Lanciato July 01, 2021

    La versione iniziale di questo file è stata appena lanciata. Benvenuto a bordo!

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92 Commenti


1 month(s) ago

Make sure you have the racetrack as well!!!

Join our discord server:

I tried it but the resolution though the windscreen is horrible...



7 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da GamerDEAL

My first comment on I applaud you for the creativity and brilliant creation of this mod. What a seamless simulation as I arrived at the airport and drive home. Well done!



7 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da GamerDEAL

Well done.

Using a Steam Controller. For some reason, can't get the car to move. Tried Y+B to take the breaks off. What am I doing wrong?

Bro, just locate "comp" texture for glasses. And blur effect will disappear. I can send you a texture

This is absolutely FANTASTIC! Keep the updates coming! Anyway to fix the "frosted" glass?

Just tested and Im so happy to report that this WORKS IN VR!! Absolutely incredible. I love landing at an airport, then taking this "FBO car" for a drive in town. It adds so much immersion/roleplaying to the sim that I've been desperately wanting. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ignore the haters, this is top notch.

pretty cool, fun party trick. just get Assetto Corsa instead, if youre into cars.

Hey, I love what you are doing here, keep it up! I have to admit it's quite hard to drive the car but it's fun haha.

Excellent concept and the 3D model is better than I expected. Is this something that you can do with the 3D model from any of the racing sims like Assetto Corsa? That would open up a world of vehicle possibilities.

I think you should include basic driving instructions in the manual. It took me a while to figure out there aren't gears, just a parking brake.

I can imagine ground vehicles becoming a major part of MSFS as more ground-level sceneries are designed for them. Well done for the creative effort.

is the Crew 3 going to be a legit Map of the US? lmfao! i gotta hop from the flight sim over to the wheel and pedals!

Great car! Please add rev thrust for reverse gear if possible.

Looking awesome. Only thing is the scale seems to be off. The car model is about 1.5 times of the real thing. Doesn't fit on the roads and in our BP stations and drive-thrus.

Nice car, made a quick cinematic with it:

Great mod! There is any way to keep it from appearing at airports?

nice mod but this is car lol

Awesome car. I'd like it even more if the windows were less blurry. Thanks so much for doing this.

To all the purists below, get a grip. This game is a literal 1:1 replica of the entire planet. Let me say that again clearly.


If you TRULY believe that on a complete replica of our planet, we couldn't possible support 1 MERCEDES BENZ - then you need to give your heads a wobble and think about it again.

Show some respect. This developer and many alike are opening doors for YOU to play a much better game in the future, by unlocking and exploiting new creative uses of the SDK - which Asobo champions.

The opportunity for Microsoft to create 'Microsoft Simulator' is all to real and this game is the blueprint for it - like it or not, try and get with it. One comment, since deleted said 'What's next, trains?' well, yes friend. maybe you should pay more attention to the dev updates each week - the developer of this mod certainly does!

Good job!🚗


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