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France Exclusive Drag and Drop

this new version is to match asobo latest release of LFPG (V0.1.54) which came with Nordic world update.

you need this version for the fix to work properly. Go to your content manager and make sure you have latest LFPG update installed

even though this latest version fix the big mess of the previous one, still some issues remaining like all the terrain level and bumps

this mod fix the same as last one with some improvement.

taxiways flatten

A, B, D, E, F, K, M, N and R/T.

taxiway N still have a bump due to an invisible small object that I can't remove.

08L near threshold bump

the hill between 08L and cargo terminal has been reshaped to show the complete approch lights.

the retention pond near 08L has been reshaped, it was too deep, and it should have 2 levels.

severe steps on terrain, in countryside, between LFPB and 08L has been leveled.

note: dont try to use taxiway A inner ring, you will be stop by invisible walls.

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  • Version 2.0 June 19, 2021

    this uptate is to match Asobo LFPV V0.1.54
    this version must be installed prior to use this mod.

  • Lanciato June 10, 2021

    La versione iniziale di questo file è stata appena lanciata. Benvenuto a bordo!

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18 Commenti

vous pourriez retirer les mur invisibles sur le taxiway D svp

Merci à vous, ça permettra de terminer complètement un vol long courrier sans se cracher !


I would like to know how to install the BGL file.

Looking forward for your response.

these are the kinds of things Asobo should be noticing and fixing with an update.

Thank you, this is much needed. Can I suggest another fix to bundle with these - I believe taxiway N also has some road elevation issues around the bridges, and also on taxiway N near the control tower there is a building that protrudes so far into the taxiway as to not let airliners pass safely.

nice work !

by the way did you notice some building are missing at LFPG since last update

if so, do you have any idea ?

best regards

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