NORWAY 20m DEM Part 2 - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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#Real-Life Norway Drag and Drop


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6 day(s) ago / Ringraziato da Mikeaat

Hi, I did a quick comparison between World Update 5 and this 20m DEM mod. You can see the comparison here . It seems WU5 has a much higher resolution with sharper edges and more detail, so I am sticking with WU5.

After SU5 ----should we use the default MSFS mesh or is there going to be an upgrade here... what would you suggest ?

Hello, I have a problem with the terrain with a payware scenery from orbx - ento torp airport.

Theres a significant incline parallel to the runway and the taxiway signs are floating.

This didn't happen with your package disabled.

Cant see a differense with or without the DEM pack.

Also downloaded The Matterhorn DEM pack, same thing with that one.

Is it beacause i am running the Steam verson of MSFS2020?

Can you tell the Latitude of the border between Norway south and Norway north mesh ?

I wonder if ASOBO is taking notice of this, they could perhaps do well to incorporate this into the sim perhaps ? I am most grateful for your hard work . it simply made Norway extremely more recognizable. Superb!!

Thanks for the Amazing work 😊

Thank you so much my dear friend !!! I love Norway!!!

can you make Denmark aswell

Thanks a lot. I have been waiting for this too!

Awesome work! Thank you! 😊 Norway suddenly looked so much better...

Does it have a Preikestolen? 😊)

This changes everything for me..nice work man.. If you may, can i have request? Im from the Philippines.. would you consider making one for us in the Philippines even just the main island of Luzon, We would be grateful if you do so brother. Good job and good luck to u.

Wow! What a different experience flying around ENTC and to Lyngsalpan.

You know Faroe Islands could really need your help. plz 😊

I have to admit, i am a DEM-oholic!

I love them.

I need them.



Do you guys maybe coordinate, who is doing which region?

I mean, both of you are our addon-heroes, so avoiding that both might be working on the same DEMs is in all of our interest, as we will have more DEMs sooner finished, if you wanna share the workload, i suppose?

The more DEMs, the more Hoorays!


Great work 😊

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